Iron Tribe Network Youth Recovery & Mentoring

Our Iron Tribe Network Youth Recovery & Mentoring Meetings are for youth and young adults up to age 24.

Meet with peers to build community, share the journey, grow, and expand your network of support.

Connect, share, and learn together with like-minded peers facing pressures and barriers.


Get involved in making the world a better, safer place! Advocate for positive changes!

It’s your future and we’re here for you.


Open to youth and young adults up to age 24.

Check the Calendar for details.

Employment opportunities, field trips and other fun activities can be shared.

To find out more, contact Joseph Jacobus at 971-352-1727 or Meli Rose at  503-913-9585.

Stay tuned for more updates!

In the meantime, here are some comments from Iron Tribe Youth Network participants:

Iron Tribe Youth Network is an opportunity for me to spend time healing with people who are experiencing the same things as I am. We share a common goal and a similar understanding and to me that is very powerful.

For me Iron Tribe Youth Network is a chance for me to share my addiction with people that have gone through the same situations as me and get to be with people who have a common interest which is being sober, having people my age and sober is amazing, knowing that I have people who care for me is the best feeling ever. We are powerful.

Iron Tribe Youth Network is what motivates me to stay in recovery. Iron Tribe is where I know no matter how I feel, nobody will judge me and everyone will do everything they can to make sure I feel loved and safe. Iron Tribe reminds me to be a part of something bigger than myself through NA, through service work, or just helping making the world a better place. I know everyone in Iron Tribe is welcoming with open arms & I appreciate that.

Iron Tribe Youth Network to me is a place kids can gather and feel safe and accepted no matter who they are, age, sex, religion, etc. a place where kids can have fun and learn new things.

I think this meeting really helps me understand how to feel and control how I am feeling. I love coming here because I love hearing the stories and how I can get input on what I should do.

Iron Tribe Youth Network – I don’t know how to explain it but to say it is my home. Everytime I walk into these doors this feeling washes over me – a feeling of relief. Relief of all of my troubles, relief of drama, and relief from the “outside” world. Everytime I walk into these doors, I get a warm, loving, and happy feeling. So, Iron Tribe Youth? It’s a home.

I love Iron Tribe Youth because it is a great place for young kids that face addiction issues,
pressures and barriers and any other issues that they need to talk about. It helps me everyday in my recovery. I know kids in there and they get a lot of support through other youth. I feel like without Iron Tribe Youth my recovery would be a lot harder and it is easier to connect with young kids going through the same situation as me. I feel like the more activities we do gives us time to free up from the pressures and barriers we must conquer everyday. Iron Tribe Youth is a safe Circle for me to go and express my feelings. Support from our community and funders helps this program continue, helping us in our recovery.