Through-out the year, Iron Tribe Network engages with community in various activities and events, plus in-reach and out-reach events.

At the Mulino Blueberry Pancake Breakfast we had 12 Iron Tribe Network members, 3 Supporters, 6 Youth. Over 500 people attended the event.  We shared information and visited with many people who stopped by our tent. We handed out free stickers, frisbees and zipper pulls (buttons with clips to attach to jackets). We also discussed our programs and handed out a lot of brochures.  Ken Humberston, a former parole officer, announced he is running for Clackamas County Commissioner #4 and he has been very supportive of the work we do at Iron Tribe Network, reaching out and connecting with people in their re-entry journey before they return to the community from Jail, Prison or Treatment.  It was a great weekend.  – Shawn Bower

Blueberry Pancake Breakfast


Iron Tribe Network Banner held up by three members

In early August 2016 there was also a gathering at the Cedars Retreat on the Clackamas River.






itn-photo-bbq-2016aug21  itn-photo-bbq-2016aug21b

In mid August 2016, many from Iron Tribe Network attended a DDA event at Beverly Beach on Oregon’s Pacific Coastline.


itn-photo-beverly-beach-2016aug07h  itn-photo-beverly-beach-2016aug07d

itn-photo-beverly-beach-2016aug07 itn-photo-beverly-beach-2016aug07b





In mid August 2016, Shawn Bower and others connected with the national NA conference in Arizona.





On August 29th, 2016, members of Iron Tribe Network traveled to Pendleton, Oregon and participated in a special Car & Bike Show in-reach event at the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution.

It was one of the most humbling experiences I’ve ever had, to walk a yard that I use to walk. To hear some of their stories and be blessed to give my story and give someone hope of a better way of life. It was a very moving experience I can never explain the gratitude that I have for my life today. I’m super thankful to have been a part of it…  -Cliff R.

Group photo taken outdoors at the in-reach event, Car & Bike Show at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution in Pendleton, Oregon
Group Photo

At 58 years I believe I have seen and done many life changing things.  As the first wave of inmates wandered into the yard, I was truly blown away at the numbers I heard.  9, 12, 18, 25, Life.  These were years served and years to go for release  As I listened, I became emotional a few times at the optimism these men have looking towards the future.  They shook our hand and said God Bless.  Our day spent with you guys was truly life changing for the both of us.  Thank you for the invitation.  -Dennis B.

Photo of Shawn Bower with 1st Place Bike Award at an in-reach event, Car & Bike Show, at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution in Pendleton, OR
Shawn Bower won 1st Place Best Bike Award

This is my second year being apart this type of reach in, and my first year helping coordinate people to attend. My passion comes from being a formerly incarcerated person, that today lives a life of recovery from drugs, alcohol, crime, and incarceration. I was able to spend my 7 year to the day anniversary of being released from prison, back in prison on my own free will. Getting to ride my motorcycle into a facility that I also have been at, and was released from 18 years ago for a car and bike show. At this car and bike show I was able to have friends from multiple recovery organizations attend with me, but with a personal blessing of having my wife, my mom, my dad and Iron Tribe Network members come and show support for that passion.  To show the guys that they can get out and make a new life for themselves and that they can Recover as a human being from pressures and barriers. -Shawn B.

Photo of Reina Bower with 1st Place Car Award at an in-reach event, Car & Bike Show, at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution in Pendleton, OR
Reina Bower won 1st Place Best Car Award

Very grateful to have been given the opportunity to go into EOCI.  Bringing freedom to the inside for a day was the most humbling event I have ever experienced. The Adults in custody were grateful as well and happy to take some pictures to send home to their loved ones. The stories that were shared on the yard were priceless. Thank you to the staff for the warm welcome and Thank You to the adults in custody for voting my Jeep first place; and making the beautiful plaque I received. I hope to be a part of this event for years to come! Special Thank you to Iron Tribe Network for coordinating and making this event possible. -Reina B.

Photo of Bobby Wilson with 3rd Place Bike Award at an in-reach event, Car & Bike Show, at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution in Pendleton, OR
Bobby Wilson won 3rd Place Best Bike Award

Going to EOCI for the car and bike show was a great way to bring the message of recovery to the Adults in custody. They were very receptive to our stories of success in recovery. I feel honored to have been apart of something this gratifying. I want to thank the facility and the Adults in custody for their hospitality and the great lunch. I was very proud to have taken 3rd place best Bike in the show. I hope to be a part of this next year. -Bobby W.

In late August 2016, Shawn Bower and others attended a Community Housing Asset Management and Affordable Housing Financing class led by a national expert.




In September 2016, Myron hosted an amazing End-of-Summer Labor Day Weekend Family Campout and BBQ event with a pancake breakfast, evening BBQ potluck, a Talking Circle campfire, and s’mores for the kids beneath a pink sunset over the forest treeline at the Cedars Retreat center on the Clackamas River.




Also, at the 10th Annual Hands-Across-the-Bridge recovery celebration, testimony, and community outreach event, ITN hosted a booth and many ITN members participated, including volunteer youth and adults!

Hands Across the Bridge Flyer 2016








In late September 2016, an in-reach trip was made to Pendleton, Oregon.


itn-pendleton-in-reach-2016sep24b itn-pendleton-in-reach-2016sep24

Folks also attended the 10th Annual Recovery Rockfest for Morningstar Recovery Services & Mike Morgester’s Fundraiser.

Morningstar Recovery Rockfest 2016 in Clackamas - Flyer - Sept 24 2016 (Friday and Saturday) Noon to Midnightmorningstar-photo-recovery-rockfest

In late September, there was a celebration picnic with giveaways for Iron Tribe Network’s volunteers and staff.


In November, there was a Thanksgiving feast at The Cedars, as well as a Toy Drive, a Bowling Fundraiser for the Youth and more.

In April 2019 there was another annual Easter Egg hunt with over 2,400 eggs!

ITN Easter 2019 Attendees together holding up Banners for ITN & Resers

More to come…  Stay tuned and check out our CALENDAR.