BHRN (Behavioral Health Resource Network)


Iron Tribe Network (ITN) is an approved BHRN (Behavioral Health Resource Network) provider offering BHRN Housing and/or Peer Support services for Individuals with SUD (substance use disorder) residing in these 4 Oregon counties (note: click county name to visit page with flyer):

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The ITN BHRN program is such a blessing. A hand up, not a handout.

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Color Flyer Clatsop BHRN 2022Color Flyer, ITN Columbia County BHRNITN Color Flyer Marion County BHRN   ITN Color Flyer Multnomah County BHRN

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Background on Measure 110

In November of 2020, Ballot Measure 110 (known as the Drug Treatment & Recovery Act) was passed in Oregon. The Drug Treatment & Recovery Act is legislative measure designed to shift the way our state addresses substance use and abuse, by eliminating criminal consequences for low level drug possession, and connecting drug users to treatment & recovery services.

Behavioral Health Resource Networks (BHRNs)

Measure 110 required the formation of a grant program to fund organizations across Oregon who provide behavioral health services to individuals with substance use disorders. These organizations are referred to as Behavioral Health Resource Networks (BHRNs). Behavioral Health Resource Networks have been created in each Oregon county, comprised of several individual BHRN partners who work together to ensure that a full range of services are being provided to address substance use and addiction recovery needs in the community.

Service Categories

The seven (7) service categories to be covered in each BHRN include:

  1. Screening & Comprehensive Behavioral Health Needs Assessments

Screenings are a quick and immediate assessments done for an individual at the time of first contact (whether that be on the phone or in person). Preliminary screenings and risk assessments serve to identify the initial needs of the client (i.e. substance use treatment, mental healthcare, housing, etc.), and ensure the client is provided immediate resources and referrals to address their needs. Screening is conducted by an addiction professional, and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every calendar day of the year.

Comprehensive behavioral health needs assessments (which include substance use disorder assessments) are more in-depth assessments that produce a diagnosis and level of care determination. These assessments are done by a certified alcohol and drug counselor or other credentialed addiction treatment professional. They are provided within 24 hours of an individual’s request for an assessment through a BHRN or statewide telephone line.

2. Individual Intervention Planning

Individual Intervention Planning generally involves one-on-one meetings with a recovery mentor or service provider to develop a plan centered around the client’s personal treatment goals. Individual Intervention Plans assist client’s with connecting to all the services, programs, and supports needed to meet their individual recovery goals.

3. Low Barrier Substance Use Treatment

Low-barrier substance use disorder treatment involves a broad variety of accessible and inclusive services that focus on addiction recovery, as well as harm-reduction. Such services may include one-on-one counseling, group therapy, outpatient treatment, peer-mentoring, and basic harm-reduction and substance use education.

4. Peer Support, mentoring, etc.

Peer Support services are provided by professionals who have lived experience with substance use disorder, as well as experience overcoming many of the pressures and barriers clients may be actively facing. Peer Support can include outreach, mentoring, youth support, and general recovery services.

5. Housing Services

Housing Services involve flexible and low barrier housing for individuals who use substances or have a substance use disorder. Housing services may involve transitional and recovery housing for individuals and families, or rental assistance such as vouchers, rapid-rehousing, eviction prevention, and direct financial assistance.

6. Harm Reduction Intervention

Harm Reduction Intervention involves many different types of services that seek to minimize the negative health, social, and legal impacts associated with substance use. Harm Reduction services may include needle exchange programs, overdose prevention and reversal, referrals for STI, HIV, and Hepatitis testing, and education on safer substance use.

7. Supported Employment

Supported Employment services seek to assist clients in preparing for, obtaining, and maintaining employment. This support is built around the personal career and education goals of the client, and includes help throughout the entire employment process; resume building, job applications, interviews, onboarding, and ongoing training and support.

ITN will be providing #4 Peer Support & #5 Housing Services in specified BHRNs for the specified counties.

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ITN BHRN Partners


  1. Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare
  2. Clatsop Community Action
  3. Clatsop County Public Health
  4. Helping Hands Re-Entry and Outreach
  5. Iron Tribe Network
  6. Morrison Child and Family Services
  7. Providence Seaside Hospital Foundation


  1. Boulder Care, Inc.
  2. Medicine Wheel Recovery
  3. Youth ERA
  4. Columbia Community Mental Health
  5. Iron Tribe Network


  1. Bridgeway
  2. HIV Alliance
  3. Ideal Option
  4. Iron Tribe Network
  5. Marion County
  6. Pathfinder Club of Oregon

Multnomah (all county)

  1. Alano Club Portland
  2. Bridges to Change
  3. Fresh-Out Community Based Re-Entry Program
  4. Going Home II
  5. Just Men In Recovery
  6. Addiction Counselor Certification Board of Oregon (MHACBO)
  7. The Miracles Club
  8. Oregon Change Clinic
  9. Outside In
  10. Painted Horse Recovery
  11. Project Patchwork / Project Patchworks
  12. Project Quest (Quest Center for Integrative Health)
  13. SE Works Inc
  14. Sovalti LLC
  15. The 4th Dimension Recovery Center
  16. The Mental Health & Addiction Association of Oregon
  17. WomenFirst Transition & Referral Center
  18. Bright Transitions / Mind Solutions
  19. Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare, Inc.
  20. CODA, Inc.
  21. The Insight Alliance
  22. Iron Tribe Network
  23. Morrison Child and Family Services
  24. New Avenues for Youth
  25. Northwest Family Services
  26. Pathfinders of Oregon
  27. Phoenix Rising
  28. Raphael House of Portland
  29. Volunteers of America Oregon
  30. Yasiin’s Luv LLC
  31. Cascade AIDS Project
  32. Lutheran Community Services
  33. OHSU, Addiction and Complex Pain
  34. OHSU, Partnership Project
  35. Portland Street Medicine
  36. Providence Portland Medical Foundation
  37. The Everly Project
  38. The Marie Equi Institute
  39. Central City Concern Puentes
  40. Juntos LLC
  41. Northwest Instituto Latino De Adicciones

Multnomah County Groups

  1. Indigeninity BHRN (Closed Network)
    1. Alano Club of Portland
    2. Bridges to Change
    3. Fresh-Out Community Based Re-Entry Program
    4. Going Home II
    5. Just Men In Recovery
    6. Addiction Counselor Certification Board of Oregon (MHACBO)
    7. The Miracles Club
    8. Oregon Change Clinic
    9. Outside In
    10. Painted Horse Recovery
    11. Project Patchwork
    12. Project Quest
    13. SE Works Inc.
    14. Sovalti LLC
    15. The 4th Dimension Recovery
    16. The Mental Health and Addictions Association of Oregon
    17. WomensFirst Transition & Referral Center
  2. No Wrong Door BHRN
    1. Cascade Aids Project
    2. Lutheran Community Services
    3. OHSU, Addiction and Complex Pain
    4. OHSU, Partnership Project
    5. Portland Street Medicine
    6. Providence Portland Medical Foundation
    7. The Everly Project
    8. The Marie Equi Institute
    9. The 4th Dimension
    10. Cascadia Behavioral Health
    11. Pathfinders of Oregon
    12. SE Works, Inc.
    13. Yasiin’s Luv, LLC
  3. Latinx BHRN
    1. Central City Concern Puentes
    2. Juntos LLC
    3. Northwest Instituto Latino De Adicciones
    4. The 4th Dimension
    5. SE Works, Inc.
    6. Pathfinders of Oregon
    7. New Avenues for Youth
    8. Northwest Family Services
  4. East Multnomah County BHRN
    1. Raphael House
    2. Morrison Child & Family Services
    3. Iron Tribe Network
    4. Northwest Family Services
    5. The 4th Dimension Recovery Center
    6. Mental Health and Addiction Association of Oregon
    7. CODA, Inc.
    8. The Insight Alliance
    9. Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare
    10. Volunteers of America Oregon
    11. New Avenues for Youth
    12. Women First
    13. Mind Solutions / Bright Transitions
    14. Yasiin’s Luv
    15. The Pathfinder Network
    16. Phoenix Rising


Stay tuned, more to come!

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